Autobots Wooden Beard Comb

Autobots Wooden Beard Comb

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Why You Should Love This Beard Comb

Don't settle for a normal comb. Upgrade to a premium quality comb. Now you can transform your facial hair into a masterpiece.

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Classy Design - This wooden beard comb is a stylish accessory for any man's beard or mustache. It's also perfect for any stylish gentleman who appreciates quality grooming products!

Easy To Use - This beard comb is well made from strong material, making it last longer than other brands. It's also designed to glide through hair easier than conventional combs!

5 Coats - For a lasting shine, this beard comb is gloss protected to make it smooth against hair. It's also individually stress tested so it can withstand daily use!

Last Longer - Our superior quality wood is designed to last longer than any other beard comb on the market - even when under pressure. It's a small price to pay for good grooming.

Differentiate Yourself - By styling yourself with this beard comb, it signifies that you not only are knowledgeable about beard maintenance but also proud of the skills it takes to grow one.

Stand Out - With its custom logo symbol on the handle, this is a great way to showcase how much pride you have for video games or hobbies that are dear to you.

Premium Grade Material - Our combs are made from a premium grade rosewood material so it's durable enough to withstand everyday use.

18 Day Process - What makes our combs so special is the process. It takes 5 coats and 18 days on each comb to get the nice gloss protectant coating. This provides an easier stroke through your facial hair so there is less snagging, pulling out of hairs, and split ends.

Superb Quality - It's no secret wood combs can easily break but with our gloss additive your new comb can withstand more pressure from everyday use.