Bare Beard Balm

Bare Beard Balm

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Too Busy For Your Own Routine?

Beard Balm is the new chapstick. Seriously, you can use it on your lips if you want to, but we wouldn't recommend it. This is for the beard only.

Grow a Beautiful Beard

Makes Beard Conditioning Easy - Let's face it; beard conditioning is tough work. This balm makes it easy with deep penetrating oils and a firm hold from beeswax to keep your beard looking its best.

Never Scent Clash Again - We offer two beard balms without scent which means that you can add our beard oil of choice without clashing profiles!

Oily Skin Friendly - Got oily skin? Then you will love this beard balm! Unlike most beard products which leave a greasy residue or may cause breakouts, this balm won't clog pores or leave an oily residue on skin

Sensitive, I get it - Beards can be super sensitive. That’s why we use all natural ingredients. No more itching and scratching. No more irritating.

Protect those whiskers - Our balms use super soft moisturizers to protect those delicate facial hairs from the elements. Whether you’re out in the sun or drinking by the pool, we got your whiskers covered.

One style or two - You can choose from two different styles of beard balm depending on your beard situation. Try both for a long lasting and resilient look!

Conditions Your Beard - Beard balm will nourish, shape, and protect your beard all day long. Our blend of ingredients can even soften a beard in just 10 minutes.