Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel 7.76oz

Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel 7.76oz

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Find a New Hairstyle Without the Pain

Give yourself silky-smooth hair in seconds! This lightweight gel formula won't weigh down fine hair or flake off styled hair.

Reach New Heights - With Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel, not only will you see less breakage and split ends after one use, but also over time—even months later—as hair starts growing back from the roots.

Get Ready to Shine - Not only does this gel make hair smooth and shiny on contact, but it also leaves a long-lasting, long-lasting hold.

Keep All Lengths in Line - If you want healthy hair growth plus manageable hair, then give it a shot—and buy a jar today!

Hold Style While Washing - Shampoo less often without worrying about frizz or excessive build up. Biofuse stays soft while strengthening hair and holds styles while you cleanse without getting limp or greasy.

Hydrate Hair - Renew hair's lost moisture levels. Biofuse hair sculpting gel nourishes and revitalizes hair from root to tip, conditioning your mane from within.

Create volume - Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel 7.76oz creates volume without leaving behind a greasy residue or flaky build up.

Save time - Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel 7.76oz will dry faster than other styling products on the market making it easy to style your hair faster than ever before!

Fast drying - Unlike a lot of gels out there Biofuse is light and airy so it dries super fast.

Comes in a watertight can - Biofuse comes in a resealable can to keep your gel fresh until you're ready to use it next time.

No flaking - Biofuse stays where you put it without any flaking whatsoever.

Long Lasting - Biofuse hair sculpting gel is one of the most durable hair sculpting gels on the market. You'll experience stunning hold and shine from morning 'til night.

Easy Application - This easy-to-use formula is enriched with argan oil which penetrates deep down into hair strands for sleek, long lasting, touchable styles.

Non-Flaking - Our silicone free formula won't flake like most gels do and will keep hair from feeling sticky or oily even if you use it as a styling cream.