Bourbon Street Beard Balm

Bourbon Street Beard Balm

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Make Stylish Men's Beards a Reality

Looking for a great beard balm? Start with this beard balm made from quality oils and butters blended together to keep your beard soft and supple all day long.

I've never smelled this good - Enough said!

Keeps my beard looking great - Softens it and helps make it look sleek

No More Itchy Beard - Helps soften my beard so it's not as dry or itchy

Tame Your Beard - Become your own boss when it comes to a beard that looks unruly or patchy with a moisturizing beard balm that prevents dryness, itching, and ingrown hairs.

Control Your Facial Hair - Never worry about a stray beard again or going all patchy again when it comes to growing out facial hair and achieving a smooth transition when you apply this natural formula.

Quit Working Out - Achieve smoother, healthier skin on your beard without spending all day at the gym when it comes to this high-quality blend of oils, shea butter, and beeswax.

Pamper Your Facial Hair - Our natural ingredients will leave your beard silky soft.

Conquer Ingrown Hairs - Rub on some balm after shaving to help keep skin from curling up around the beard hairs.

Trim That Beard - Use it as a styling wax or hold some under a faucet while washing your face to achieve a perfectly styled beard.

Intense Moisturizing - This beard balm has a light shea butter scent, which smells great while moisturizing and conditioning your beard.

Provides Hold - This balm can also provide a light hold on shorter beards or one as long as a few inches.

Soothing And Restoring - Keep ingrown hairs at bay with this soothing balm that contains ingredients like sandalwood oil and vitamin E.