Brass Knuckles Metal Beard Comb

Brass Knuckles Metal Beard Comb

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Beard Is Not Just For Lumberjacks

The Brass Knuckles Metal Beard Comb is the perfect solution for your beard. It'll feel like a walk in the park to stroke your beard with this comb.

Extremely Durable - This comb is made from metal. It will stand up to anything you can throw at it.

No More Shaving Irritation - Stop feeling like a human razor blade when you shave. Our beard comb is designed to make beard grooming a non-traumatic experience

Stand Out - Don't just blend in when it comes to grooming. Be confident and let others see what a great beard care routine looks like.

Style - A metal beard comb adds a style element to a beard that is tough to find anywhere else.

Gentle - Our beard comb is made out of brass which is a very gentle material on skin. It glides through hair effortlessly without tugging or pulling at all like other metal combs or plastic combs do.

Convenient - The size and weight of our comb makes it easy to carry around without any trouble.

Makes Grooming Easy - Keep all your facial hair groomed and tamed in style. This one tool will do all the work while looking great on your bathroom countertop.

Painless Brushing - Made from 100% brass and up to 4 times thicker than a normal beard comb, this product is designed to reach deep down under the skin for a painless brushing experience.

Built To Last - We knew our beard comb had to be tough - because it's made to last. Crafted from stainless steel and brass materials, it's a solid construction that will not tarnish or break over time

Prevent Ingrown Hairs - Eliminate that ingrown hair pain while keeping your beard looking its best.

Straighten Out That Thick Beard - Keep it smooth and easy to comb through without any snags or snarls.

Get A Neat Face Shape - Shape up those sideburns or splitters without having to worry about nicks or cuts.