Brush & Comb Beard Kit

Brush & Comb Beard Kit

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Get That Manly Look In No Time

Become an unstoppable force of nature with all things beard! Need a Beard Brush? Beard Comb? Beard Balm? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we've got the perfect kit for you!

Quality - Our products are handcrafted with natural materials. We use nothing but the best when it comes to our beard products.

Package Deals - Save money when buying a kit instead of each individual product.

Attention to Detail - We make sure every product has its own design, label, packaging, etc.

Glides Through Any Beard With Ease - Expertly designed shape that eliminates discomfort when pushing through a beard. Grooved rubber grips with notches provide a non-slip grip for easy handling.

Enriched With Beard Gains Beard Oil - High quality brush and comb set enhanced with natural ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and olive oil. A blend that helps promote thicker growth and healthy looking beard overall.

Put Some Style On That Beard - This set is designed with masculine colors like black, brown and grey blue. Get ready to rock your beard with style, not braids or bows.

Beard Balm - Keep your beard and skin looking and feeling healthy. Keep your beard looking sleek, conditioned, and smellin' like a man.

Brush - Grooved Boars Hair Brush - Medium Bristle - This brush is made from quality boars hair bristles which prevent it from being too rough on hair like other brushes can be. It helps spread conditioner through facial hair and does a great job combing out unruly hairs.

Comb - Ox Horn Beard Comb - This is one of our more comfortable combs because its design is to not only work on combing out unruly hairs but also looks great doing it.