Buck Naked - Utility Oil

Buck Naked - Utility Oil

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You've been shaving wrong all this time

Keep your beard looking great! Our natural oil is made from plant-derived ingredients so it is great for skin, beard, face and scalp. Our oil is unscented so it won't clash with any smells either!

Hydrocarbon Free - Our oils are 100% hydrocarbon free so they won't clog pores or irritate sensitive skin.

All natural - All our ingredients are plant-derived so they won't harm the environment either!

Plant Derived Ingredients - Plant derived ingredients so pure you could eat them (probably not a good idea).

Scentless - When it comes to your face, we've got one rule: keep it natural. No fragrances means no unnecessary allergies. No need to keep a tissue handy when wearing our oil.

Hydrating - Dry skin? Tired eyes? Not anymore! Our rich blend of plant oils will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Gentle - Our shaving oil won't dry out your skin or razor like a petroleum oil, helping to reduce redness or razor burn - getting you a closer shave without irritation.

Versatile - This multi-purpose oil is perfect for use on everything from beard to face - and even tattoo care!