Loki Wooden Beard Comb

Loki Wooden Beard Comb

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Get Your Hands On The Best Beard Combs

Unleash Loki from his wooden prison: one comb at a time.

Keep Yourself Presentable - When life hands you a pile of stress, just comb it right out of your beard. 

Save Some Time - Stop looking all over for your comb every time there's an itch - our wooden beard comb is small enough to carry around everywhere. 

Unleash Your Inner King - With this Loki beard comb, it'll feel like being back on Asgard every time you touch up a look.

Manage With Ease - Easily comb through your beard to tame those stray hairs Smooth And Smooth - Less snagging, pulling out hairs, and split ends 

More Long Lasting - Made from strong wood and has a gloss additive

Loki Design - This design is truly one of a kind that helps express one's personality in style. Extremely Durable - With just 5 coats and 18 days per comb our combs are guaranteed not to break when styling your beard. Individually 

Stress Tested - Our handcrafted beard combs are tested under extreme conditions to confirm structural integrity.

Loki's Helmet Inspiration - Our product takes design inspiration from Loki's helmet as seen in Thor Ragnarok to make an unforgettable experience 

Superior Quality - Our Beard Combs Are Made With 100% Wood So You Get A Comb That Will Last Gloss Additive - It's No Secret That Wooden Combs Can Easily Break But Our Unique Additive Makes Them More Durable