Prep Beard Oil for Men

Prep Beard Oil for Men

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The Art of Prepping Your Beard with Moisturizer Oil

Have you ever wondered why certain men have so much success with their beards, while you’re struggling to grow anything even close to a respectable beard? It isn’t genetics or just the fact that some guys have thicker hair than others; in most cases, it has more to do with their approach to grooming and taking care of their facial hair. One of the primary keys to growing and keeping a beard is by moisturizing it; not just in the first few weeks of growing out your facial hair, but regularly and consistently after that as well.

The importance of moisturizing your beard

When you prep your beard with a moisturizing beard oil, it can help stimulate the natural growth of your facial hair. Almond and vitamin E oils provide light conditioning to make hair healthier and stronger.   Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that fights off free radicals that break down the skin cells and are responsible for wrinkles, aging skin, scarring and acne. Maintaining your beard health is essential because shaving damages the follicles beneath your skin which are essential for new hair growth. But when you apply moisturizing beard oil, it helps lock in moisture so that when you shave it doesn't dry out or split ends.

How to use beard oil

Once you've established a healthy growth pattern for your beard, you'll want to consider switching up your daily routine and incorporating a facial moisturizing oil to the mix. The purpose is to keep skin underneath your beard well hydrated, so you're able to maintain a healthier beard length and skin tone. Facial moisturizing oils are typically applied as an aftershave, post-shower sealant, or on days when one wants to groom one's beard more extensively. Here are the basics on how to properly use moisturizing beard oil: 

  1. Apply two-three drops of facial moisturizing oil in the palm of your hand 
  2. Rub hands together until warmed 

3. Massage into skin