Rick & Morty Snowball Wooden Beard Comb

Rick & Morty Snowball Wooden Beard Comb

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Best Beard Combs For Rugged Men

Rick and Morty Snowball wooden beard comb is hand sanded and polished for the best quality. It’s tough on any beard and leaves it smooth as silk!

Stronger Beard Comb - We pay close attention to details. Fine-tooth combs are a high priority when trying to groom beard or facial hair, so we use durable wood that won't damage sensitive skin or hair. 

Relaxed Combing - We added a gloss coat to our wood beard comb so the wood itself isn't such a struggle when trying to comb through knots and tangles. 

Durable Construction - Our Rick & Morty Snowball wooden beard comb is handcrafted from durable rosewood which is sanded down three times during construction to provide a furniture-grade smoothness.

Beautiful craftsmanship - Every comb is made from quality rosewood and hand-sanded for furniture-grade smoothness. 

A comfortable experience - Our 3 stage sanding process ensures a comfy feel as you comb through. 

Superior quality - We individually stress test every comb before putting it on our shelves to guarantee top-quality craftsmanship.

Easier Stroke - Coating of gloss protectant provides an easier stroke through facial hair Superior Strength - Comb can withstand pressure from everyday use

Curved Shape - This improves on conventional beard combs which all use a straight design, making it difficult to maintain a consistent straight length when running through one's beard. Unique Comb Design - Our beard comb teeth are carefully sanded so as not to pull or damage one's facial hair or skin. It's great for shaping, trimming, and untangling longer beards. 

Safe To Use - The Rick & Morty Snowball is designed specifically with hand sanding for furniture-grade smoothness without compromising quality or durability.

Durable - Strength meets quality with our toothpick-resistant rosewood combs Easy To Use - With our gloss coating, grooming is easier than ever