Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus - Beard Balm

Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus - Beard Balm

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Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus - Beard Balm: The Best Balm for Your Beard

What’s the best beard balm on the market? Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus – Beard Balm is one of the most highly-rated and best selling beard balms, so it should come as no surprise that this product does not disappoint. This balm uses natural ingredients such as cedar and pine oil which help to keep your beard looking great from the top to the bottom, including the mustache! 

Benefits of our beard balm

- A citrus scented beard balm that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.

- Our beard balms have a light, not greasy consistency. 

- We offer two scents so you can choose the perfect one for your style. 

- We use 100% natural oils and butters to keep your beard soft and healthy.

- You'll love the way our beard balms work together with our other grooming products (beard washes, mustache waxes, etc) to make your facial hair look its best. 

- Some of our customers say this is the best-smelling balm they've ever tried!

How to use beard balm

Beard balm is a lot like chapstick for your beard. It moisturizes the skin and prevents chafing and irritation. Beard balms come in a variety of scents, but citrus scented beard balms are some of the most popular. They smell great, they don't irritate sensitive skin, and they keep your beard looking great by preventing split ends and breakage. 

Here are five simple steps to using beard balm: 

1) apply to your fingers 

2) rub on hands 

3) press into the palm of your hand 

4) work through beard 

5) style as desired