How do you use beard balm

How to Use Beard Balm to Nourish Your Facial Hair

If you’re still using the same old beard oil you bought when you first started growing your beard, it’s time to step up your game. Beard balm (or sometimes called beard butter) is specially formulated to help keep your beard conditioned and healthy, while smelling great at the same time. Today we’ll discuss how to use beard balm, as well as what benefits it provides that other products don’t.

Step 1: Understand what beard balm is

Not all beard balms are created equal. In fact, some aren’t even actual balms at all! You might see a product labeled beard balm and not really know what it is or what it does. Let us explain: A beard balm is a grooming tool that uses a combination of natural and often organic ingredients to moisturize and condition your facial hair, much like you would use any hair styling product for your head. Just like shampoo or conditioner, applying beard balm regularly can help control frizz and make sure your beard stays shiny and healthy-looking while looking soft enough to run your fingers through it (more on how to do that later).

Step 2: Understand how to use it

When you think of beard balm, chances are your mind conjures up thoughts of something that looks a lot like butter. And yes, it does feel and smell a bit like spreadable butter. For some guys, that's enough to put them off from trying it out; for others, it's reason enough to get curious. If you're in either camp, here are a few things worth knowing about how to use beard balm properly: First and foremost: It doesn't have any effect on your facial hair whatsoever. So don't expect it to make your beard grow faster or fuller. Instead, what you'll notice is that it makes your skin beneath your beard softer and smoother. That's because its main purpose is as a moisturizer—not an oil—and if used correctly, can help prevent dryness and irritation underneath your facial hair. Second: A little goes a long way! Unlike oils, which can be easily absorbed into both skin and hair (and therefore require less product), balms need to be applied more sparingly. If too much is applied at once, it will just sit on top of your skin without being absorbed into either one. As such, start by using small amounts until you find what works best for you! Third: It can double as an anti-itch cream!

Step 3: Where should you buy your beard balm from?

You can get beard balm from any number of places. However, there is only one place that will ensure you’re getting real, high-quality products that are designed for use on facial hair and you’ll be able to save yourself a little bit of money in the process. This place is called Honest Amish. The business has a solid reputation for offering natural products and treating their customers fairly. They even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase or it doesn’t meet your expectations – which means that you can test out their product completely risk free. This particular company offers high-quality organic beard balms as well as other natural, organic products including soaps, shampoos and more.

Step 4: Balms Vs Oils – What’s The Difference?

The first thing you should know is that beard balms and beard oils are two very different grooming products, despite sharing a lot of similarities. Here’s how they stack up: Beard oil primarily moisturizes facial hair by hydrating it and making it more manageable. It also hydrates your skin underneath (one reason why many people use it on their hair). Bearded men who don’t want/can’t use beard balm will often turn to beard oil instead. If you want a fuller, thicker looking beard or if you have a dryer facial hair texture, then I recommend using an oil on its own or as part of your morning routine in combination with other products like shampoo and conditioner. Beard balm, on the other hand, is designed to style your beard while also conditioning it. It won’t give you quite as much hydration as an oil but some guys prefer that because they feel it gives them better control over their look. Most guys will apply beard balm after showering when their facial hair is still damp and wet from washing – this helps lock in moisture and prevent fizziness later on down the line. You can also apply a small amount of balm during styling to help tame flyaways or add shine for a more polished look. Like we said before though, these aren't hard-and-fast rules - most bearded men do both!