Collection: Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

One of the hair care questions that attracts the most attention has to do with the effectiveness of men’s shampoo and conditioner. Some people ask whether it’s even necessary: after all, does it really matter? Aren’t all shampoos and conditioners basically the same?

The answer is a resounding no. Many commercial store-bought hair care products are designed for general use. That means they’re generic, and often aren’t formulated with specific hair care needs in mind. They’re a basic ‘clean and dry’ option that won’t necessarily enhance the health and longevity of your hair – and may even damage your hair over time.

And, because men typically have different hair care needs to women (for example, most guys aren’t bleaching, coloring, or heat-treating their hair the same way many women might), it’s also helpful to use shampoos and conditioners that dovetail more exactly with your hair type and maintenance needs.

One of the most common mistakes guys make is to wash their hair too frequently. Now, we’re not suggesting you become a slob, but daily washing, especially with astringent commercial shampoos, can lead to your hair strands being stripped of essential oils and minerals, increasing hair brittleness, dryness, and breakage. Talk to any hair professional, and they’ll tell you that the optimum is to wash your hair approximately every 3 days, and if you want to, just apply a little conditioner to your hair on alternate days while you’re bathing or showering. That way, you not only preserve the suppleness and health of your hair, but you also help prevent longer-term hair loss.

Of course, good hair hygiene also includes your skin, and a dry scalp shampoo for men can do wonders to prevent itching or irritated skin. Healthier skin, once again, means healthier pores and hair follicles, and unless you want the lollipop look, this is a good thing.

A word about conditioners: many commercial conditioners are high in silicon, which means they literally form a barrier that prevents your hair from absorbing moisturizers or nutrients and can also make it more difficult to apply styling products. So, choose carefully, and rather pick a men’s shampoo and conditioner that will allow breathability and better nutrient uptake for your hair.