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If you’re serious about at-home body hair removal, there’s more to it than simply buying a pair of clippers for manscaping purposes. First off, the clipper set you use for body hair is not the same as the one you’d use for beard or facial hair. Body hair is generally sparser, but there’s more of it, so using a trimmer and razor set that won’t clog up is really important.

It's not just your hair that plays a role in your choice of body hair removal products: your skin is equally important. Depending on the body part you’re targeting, your skin may be more sensitive in certain areas, and adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach will lead to less than stellar results and potential rashes or dry skin.

The sequence you embark on should look something like this:

· Shower, or thoroughly wet the hair you’re going to be working on
· Ensure your clippers and razors are clean and free from debris
· Use broad-tooth clippers to trim away the bulk of the hair, leaving a short stubble
· Use the razor to shave down to the skin (always start by going with the grain or hair direction, and then against it for the final run)
· Do several light runs rather than pressing down into the skin, to avoid scrapes or nicks
· Wash your skin again, using a moisturizing soap or gel
· Apply soothing skin balm afterward

There’s another reason why you should buy a set of good-quality clippers and a proper razor: longevity. Buying at the lower end of the range means that the teeth on the devices will get blunted more quickly, and there are few things less fun than having a trimmer that literally pucks out your body hair. If you’re going to manscape, electric razor quality is a serious consideration.

In addition to just doing the trimming and shaving part, maintenance is also important – and that means maintaining your trimmer as well as your skin. For trimmers and razors, always apply a fine coating of machine oil between uses to prevent rust and blunting, and always apply a moisturizing balm to your skin after trimming.

Now that you have the basics down, get a pair of clippers for manscaping, and go for it!