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If you’re a guy who hasn’t yet invested in a good quality beard and hair trimmer set, we’ve got to tell you that you’re in the minority. You might be one of the lucky few who has access to a great barber all the time, but if you’re like most of us, you may want to keep the shape and style of your hair and beard neat all the time.

That means learning a few basic skills and taking matters into your own hands. One of the things not many people realize is that facial hair (and to a lesser extent, hair on your head) tends to grow unevenly, so if it’s left unchecked, things rapidly start looking like you’ve been the victim of a prank.

A set of good hair clippers, and a good quality beard trimmer, will soon set things straight. Using the detachable guide combs to ensure uniform length is so easy that anyone can do it. With a bit of practice, you’ll also develop a steady hand for defining shapes and edges, and you might even discover a new favorite style or two.

So, why would you want to use separate clippers for hair and beard? Quite simply because the hair on your face is finer and more sparsely distributed than the hair on your head. It’s also more brittle and prone to bending or breaking, so using a heavy-duty hair clipper on your beard can do more harm than good. You’ll also find that a proper beard trimmer has finer teeth and a smaller profile – making it easier to shape corners and curves with more precision.

A set of good hair clippers, by comparison, will be sturdier, equipped to take off thicker swathes of hair, and designed for more rugged use (so you can use this for other general manscaping needs, too).

And, just like garden tools, your hair care machinery needs to be kept in good order. Make sure you thoroughly clean the teeth of your clippers after use and keep them well-oiled in between uses. Although the blades are rust resistant, the business end of your beard and hair trimmer set can degrade over time due to fine grit and debris.