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If men’s hair gel isn’t part of your personal grooming arsenal, it should be, and here’s why.

Regardless of your hair length or density, a gel-based styling fix will work for you. Unlike oil-based stylers, which are runner and not as robust, a good hair gel can hold and style even thinner or more sparse hair with ease. There’s another advantage, too: gel doesn’t leave you like your last girlfriend did. It sticks with you, and one application is all you need. Apply, smile at your reflection, and you’re good to go.

Hair gel is even more handy on your days off, when you’d like to get out on the driving range or climb El Capitan just for a change. If you’re worried about the elements playing havoc with your hair and don’t have time to fuss over it, then gel is your best friend. On the other hand, you also have to know your limits: don’t overdo it or you’ll look like a refugee from the 80’s.

When you need to remove gel from your hair, wet your hair under warm water and comb or brush out the excess first as it softens, before washing or conditioning. (Make sure you have a proper men’s hairbrush or styling comb to do this.) This will ensure that you don’t have leftover gel stuck to hair follicles or your scalp after you’ve washed. Many of us make the mistake of washing too vigorously to get rid of styling gel or wax, and that can lead to hair damage or even hair loss over time. Gentle is the key here.

Hair styling gel for men should be part of a broader toolkit – and you don’t have to use it all the time, either. Your preferences may change with different hair lengths, and the way you’d style your hair for your best friend’s wedding may not be the same as your preference when you’re out mountain biking.

When you’re shopping for hair gel, always check the ingredient list. Some gels are excessively high in alcohol or other solvents that can damage your hair over time, so go for options that are water-based if possible, and first prize is a men’s hair gel that also features moisturizers and conditioners.