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Splash IT - Spray Gel

Splash IT - Spray Gel

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Transform your hair with Splash IT - Spray Gel, a lightweight root booster designed to add shine, volume, and excellent curl definition. Perfect for creating a light to medium workable hold, this spray gel is enriched with vitamin D and antioxidants, promoting healthier-looking hair.

Key Features:

  • Application: Use 5-10 pumps at the roots for a boost or 10-12 pumps all over for full coverage and a great workable hold.
  • Benefits:
    • Adds shine, volume, and lift
    • Enhances curl definition
    • Enriched with vitamin D and antioxidants
  • Free From: Parabens, sulfates, wheat/gluten, sunflower/peanut oils, and dyes

Usage Directions:

  1. Apply 5-10 pumps at the roots for a targeted boost.
  2. For overall coverage and enhanced hold, apply 10-12 pumps all over.

Why Choose Splash IT - Spray Gel?

  • Provides body and lift
  • Lightweight formula for natural feel
  • Healthier-looking hair with added shine and volume

Elevate your hair game with Splash IT - Spray Gel, delivering the perfect combination of hold, volume, and shine without harmful ingredients.

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