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Thanks to sports like cycling, men trimming leg hair has almost become a trope in athletics circles. Aside from aiding sports performance, it’s also a comfort thing (and if you’ve worked hard for those legs, you’ll want them to be visible, too)

Shaving your legs is not as difficult as, say, shaving your back – but it’s still something you should approach with a bit of know-how. First off, your legs are a large surface area (literally 50% of your body), so they tend to take some time. Shaving your legs is also not something you should do in a rush, because even a small nick can look like a trauma scene.

Always start out by making sure the hair is wet or damp, for easier cutting and manageability, as well as being a little less messy. There are several options open to you, ranging from products like clippers and razors, to depilatory cream, to waxing, or even laser hair removal if you’re looking for a longer-lasting (and significantly more highly priced) option. It’s also something you can have done in a salon, or you can tend to it at home – and the advice we’re giving here applies to the at-home option.

If you’re clipping and shaving, it’s best to work in definable patches or areas on each leg, so you know where you’re going and don’t inadvertently leave bits undone. Many guys shaving leg hair recommend that you do two runs: one with body hair clippers to take off the bulk of the hair, and then the second with your razor, to get as close to the skin as possible. Also, when razoring, don’t press down too firmly. It’s far better to do two or three lighter passes – that way, you’re far less likely to incur rash or irritation, and it helps prevent hair stubble from being bent or embedded into the skin, which can cause painful ingrown hairs.

If you’re using a depilatory cream, then make sure you apply a small test patch first (to check for skin tolerance) before going wide. Make sure the cream is evenly applied, and let it sit for the recommended time so that it can thoroughly dissolve the hair stems.

Lastly, waxing: it’s simple, but not comfortable. If it’s tolerable for you, then go for it. For most men, trimming leg hair is preferable to waxing – but try these options out and see which suits you best.