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If there’s one product that has changed the hair care landscape in recent years, it’s got to be hair wax for men. The challenges of managing unruly hair are all addressed here, and in addition to a firm hold and easy application, hair wax is also incredibly user-friendly (not to mention a lot less oily and runny than the products your granddad used).

Hair wax offers you some great advantages that make it easy to rock a head of unruffled hair all day long. There are other alternatives, such as hair gel, but the difference is that wax remains pliable – which means that you can reshape your hair at will, without having to wash the wax out and start all over because you have to neaten up after your lunch break. Also, unlike a gel, you can choose between a gloss or matte finish, and it’s infinitely pliable, so you can run the full range of styles, from a smooth, slicked-down look all the way to punk rocker spikes if that’s your thing.

One point to be aware of is that hair wax generally tends to work better for straight or wavy hair, because it tends to clump up in very curly hair. If you’re after a precision finish, a movie star look where nothing strays too far from where you want it, then wax is the best option.

Hair wax also tends to be more forgiving when it comes to hair health. The nature of wax means that it’s less astringent and won’t dry out your hair strands or strip away oils and minerals from your hair the same way a spray-on styler might do. But it’s a matter of preference, and the best men’s hair paste is the one that offers you a balance of decent hold, easy pliability, and is kind to your scalp.

When you remove hair wax, use a purpose-designed men’s hairbrush to remove as much wax as you can before washing or conditioning your hair. Keep an eye out for hair coming adrift when you remove hair wax – if there’s noticeable hair loss, you need to use less.