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If you want to remove underarm hair, here are a couple of things you should know.

First, something not immediately obvious: you’re going to actually sweat more. Or, at least, it’ll feel that way – because armpit hair typically absorbs sweat and wicks it away via evaporation or contact with clothing. So, when it’s not there, sweat will trickle, just so you know.

However, if you’re one of the guys who have so much underarm hair that it annoys you, then trimming or shaving is definitely something you should consider. There are certain methods of hair removal that we honestly wouldn’t recommend here, like waxing or using a depilatory cream. The skin under your arms is really sensitive, and having hairs plucked out, or applying a cream which may burn you, is probably not the smartest option. (If you’ve done this, and it worked, great – but you’re in a heroic minority here!)

The best option by far is to just go the old-fashioned route of using clippers and a razor. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, though – it’s worth buying decent equipment, which includes products like a good set of body hair clippers and an electric razor.

Before you start, always make sure that your armpits are clean and fresh. Remember, sweat can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so a slight nick or even an ingrown hair can be really unpleasant. Also, if you wear deodorant (and we hope you do), then you don’t want chemicals or irritants getting into micro-abrasions.

For most men, ‘trim arm hair’ sounds like a simple enough exercise, but if you rush it, the results can be unusually painful. Always start by using a body hair clipper to trim away the bulk of the hair, leaving a remainder that can vary from around a quarter inch to an inch. Go slowly, watch out for knotting or tangling, and crisscross in different directions to get an even cut.

For some guys, that’s enough, and you can leave it there, but if you’re after complete hair removal, use your razor to remove the rest. Here, though, it’s important to go lightly and follow the contours of the armpit carefully to remove underarm hair completely. Don’t press in too deeply, and when it feels smooth, wash away the hair remnants and apply a soothing balm to prevent irritation. Avoid deodorants or anti-perspirants for a day or two, until your skin adjusts to the new sensitivity.