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Body hair removal for men is a topic that everyone seems to be talking about in health and wellness circles these days. But, unlike your dad’s version of manscaping, there are a lot more options available – backed by a wealth of research and socially shared information, too.

In the past, men were often a little culturally hesitant to share the details of their body hair trimming habits, because, well, we hadn’t quite evolved past that yet. Now, good body hair grooming is pretty much at the center of every manscaping article you come across.

So, where should you start? Knowledge is power, so here’s a quick rundown of some key points, especially if you’re venturing into manscaping territory for the first time.

For a start, body hair is quite different to the hair that grows on your head – for a number of reasons. Body hairs are most often less densely spaced, and their growth is irregular, so clumping and patchiness are common. And, depending on your genetic inheritance, your body hair will either be very wiry and springy (like a hedge), or fine and erratic with a tendency to brittleness (like a badly spaced pine plantation).

Depending on these factors, and several others, like your skin type, you’ll need a smart strategy rather than just taking a ‘slash ‘n burn’ approach and hoping for the best. For starters, the right equipment can make all the difference – which is why you should consider investing in a decent set of clippers and body razors upfront.

You probably already know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to do an entire-body manscaping blitz in just one session – full body hair removal is quite a job! - and so it makes sense to set up a schedule and rotate sessions for different body parts. By figuring out where hair tends to regrow fastest (or is most uncomfortable), you can also avoid unnecessary skin irritation in more sensitive areas.

Pro tip: wet or damp hair is easier to shave, so it’s a good idea to do your manscaping while you’re showering, or just afterward, with the option of a rinse when you’re done. Body hair removal for men is easier than you think – just use the right tools, and never rush the process.