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Get rid of unwanted nose hair with our easy and painless nose hair removal

If you’re one of the many guys looking for the best way to get rid of nose hair, we have a few tips for you. Trying to get rid of excess nasal hair using nail scissors is probably not the most efficient route to take, here. And when it comes to ears, it can be enormously frustrating trying to work in the mirror without accidentally nicking yourself. Ear and nose hair removal should be such a frustrating exercise

So – there are more efficient alternatives, will take less time, and are almost certainly safer, too. The first option is to use waxing as your method of choice. Just so you know, this is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s seriously effective and it takes a lot longer for regrowth to occur. If you’ve never waxed before, make sure to read the user instructions carefully, and always start with a small enough application, so you don’t regret your life choices after the first tug. However, there’s a caveat as well: if you have particularly thick nasal hair, rather avoid waxing, because it can also lead to ingrown hairs with resulting infection, as well as potentially damaging the sensitive tissue lining the inside of the nose. Using the right nose and ear hair removal products is important.

Waxing your ears is not generally recommended, because you don’t want to put anything into your ear that could potentially cause a blockage if you don’t get all of it out.

For those who prefer a more comfortable (and generally safer) option, you may want to try an electronic nose and ear hair trimmer. These are generally super-safe, ergonomically shaped for comfort and ease of use, and do a very good job of trimming those pesky hairs without posing a risk to your good looks. This is also the best way to remove ear hair and doesn’t pose any appreciable risk.

As with all of your manscaping tasks, preparation is everything: make sure the area you’re working on is clean (Blow your nose beforehand, use Q-tips to gently swab your ears) to reduce skin irritation and risk of infection, and re-clean those areas after trimming, too. Also, ensure that your trimmer is free of debris and scrupulously clean before you do anything to get rid of nose hair or those annoying tufts from your ears. Also, don’t do this too often – once a week is plenty!