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Dandruff can be intensely annoying, and if you suffer from it, there are several options for effective dandruff treatment at home.

Over-the-counter remedies may work, but to address problem dandruff properly, it’s helpful to know what causes dandruff – and to do your best to eliminate those causes. First off, dandruff is primarily caused by a skin imbalance called seborrheic dermatitis, which leads to inflamed area of skin that itch and then flake. Ironically, excessively oily skin gives rise to this condition, which is characterized by dryness and itchiness.

The pores on your skin contain a waxy, oily substance called sebum, which is essential to good skin health – it acts as a trap for dirt and bacteria that might otherwise find a way through. But sometimes, your pores do their job too well, and too much sebum is produced, leading to excessively oily skin and its attendant problems. We tend to react by washing skin or hair more often to remove oil, which then forces the body to produce even more – and you’re back where you started.

So, although topical dandruff treatments can help stabilize your skin’s oil production, it’s also helpful to take a holistic approach, too. Diet plays a critical role in skin and hair health, so make sure you’re getting an abundance of fresh vegetables in your diet and cutting down on the greasy junk food wherever you can. Supplements like zinc and Vitamin C have been shown to make a huge difference, too.

Hydration is another factor: getting enough water during the day enables your body to rid itself of toxins more effectively, as well as keeping your skin (and your hair) younger and more supple.

The best remedy for dandruff is a medicated shampoo, used in conjunction with positive lifestyle changes like the ones we’ve just described. Anti-dandruff shampoos range from the milder versions you’ll find on any supermarket shelf, to prescription shampoos that have to be used very carefully. We recommend taking a gradual approach when it comes to dandruff treatment at home: whichever anti-dandruff shampoo you use, start off by washing your hair with it every third wash, alternating with regular shampoo. If greater frequency is required, you can increase the ratio, but if not, you can gradually decrease the use and return to normal everyday hair care.