Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel 4.23oz

Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel 4.23oz

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A top stylist's secret weapon

Get a hold on frizz! Biofuse Hair Sculpting Gel is infused with Hair Activating Technology that allows men to sculpt their style for frizz-free hair all day long.

Gain Fuller, Thicker Hair - Biofuse hair sculpting gel thickens hair from the root to give it volume and texture. It's all natural, so you'll never worry about a bad chemical smell or skin irritation.

Keep Hair Styled All Day - A styling cream on top and a gel on bottom is all it takes for a fresh, slicked-back look that lasts all day long.

Fight Dandruff - Biofuse hair sculpting gel has been clinically proven to reduce dandruff when applied daily after washing.

Get Professional Results - Biofuse Gel is salon tested and designed to sculpt like a pro. It is completely lightweight, water soluble, and provides no stiffness whatsoever.

End Dry Hair Chalking - Use Biofuse Gel to stop hair chalkiness before it begins.

Get Flexible Control - Biofuse Gel won't weigh hair down or make it feel stiff.

Holds Hair In Place - The medium gel creates a lightweight hold on strands, giving a natural sculpting effect.

Lifts Up Short Hair - This high performance gel is designed to provide a high gloss finish and hold on short hair.

Works Well With Short Hair - Biofuse is oil free and can be used in short hair because it does not leave a residue on the scalp.

Sculpt Any Style - Define every detail and texture effortlessly—without clumps or flakes. Natural Keratin Fibers deliver a mane of style without all the fuss.

Work on Any Hair Type - Get a firm hold on flyaways or style it sleek without sacrificing volume—even when hair is soaking wet.

Say Goodbye to Dandruff - Leave flakes where they belong—off your shoulders. Proprietary Polymer Blend locks dandruff flakes down for good.

Gives men style versatility - Smooth or curly hair, up or down – Biofuse has got it covered.

Get instant control - Keep every style right where you want it.

Hair styling lasts all day - With its patented formula and robust performance, this gel keeps styling looking flawless all day long.