How to fill in thinning hair

How to fill in thinning hair

Don't Let Thinning Hair Get You Down - Tips for Filling In Sparse Spots

Do you have bald patches in your hair? Not to worry! You can disguise these thinning spots by filling them in with temporary or permanent fillers that match your natural hair color. Using products like those from the Hair Club For Men, you can feel better about yourself and look your best even if you’re experiencing hair loss. This guide shows you how to find the right hair restoration products and provides easy tips on how to fill in thinning hair. Read on to learn more!

9 Tips for Filling In Thinning Hair 

Hair Filler is the best way to cover up thinning hair. Not sure how to get started? Follow these easy tips. 

  1. Always test the products you're considering on a small section of your hair before you apply it over large areas. It's important to determine whether or not the product is effective on your specific type of hair and your natural color before committing too heavily. 
  2. Before applying any thickening product, be sure that you clean your scalp well with a sulfate-free shampoo so that any residue from products such as hair gels and pomades don't interfere with results. 
  3. Remember to allow enough time for the hair filler to dry completely before styling hair. 
  4. If you want long lasting results, it's advisable to use a primer first and then apply hairspray at the end of styling. 
  5. If your hair is very short or layered in spots where there are gaps in coverage, consider adding in synthetic fibers called strands which can be easily pulled out after they've served their purpose. 
  6. Use heat tools sparingly when adding thickness back into thinner areas because too much heat can damage existing strands of hair permanently. 
  7. For extra volume at your roots try using volumizing powder! Apply some powder directly onto the scalp area and rub through hair with fingers. Finish by brushing hair forward, away from the scalp. 
  8. To avoid looking fake, make sure to blend the hairspray by combing it through all of your hair with a wide tooth comb until it's uniformly distributed and avoid spraying right near your face if possible. 
  9. Fillers will last longer if you moisturize daily so start investing in quality products now!

3 Ways To Make A Difference 

What's better than a bad hair day? Not having one. If you have sparse spots in your hair, the following tips will help you to fill them in and find the self-confidence that comes with looking your best:

  1. Don't be afraid to play with color. Subtle changes can make a big difference in how healthy and full your hair looks, especially when you're trying to conceal an otherwise visible bald spot. 
  2. Never skip out on conditioning treatments. Conditioning products will help restore moisture, keep strands soft and bouncy, and ensure that dryness doesn't cause breakage or further thinning of strands. 
  3. Consider using keratin treatment. It may seem like a drastic measure, but if you suffer from very thin hair or hair loss due to stress, it may just be what you need. Not only does it add volume to your hair, but it also strengthens it so that future damage is less likely.

Great Type Products for Filling in Thinning Hairs

As one of the most natural and discreet ways to cover up thinner patches, hair styling can be a great tool to have in your arsenal. Products like texturizing powders and hair waxes can make your hair look more voluminous and less stringy. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners can also help strengthen your strands so that you're less likely to see breakage. If all else fails, try getting a close-to-natural dye job from your stylist who might be able to use highlights or lowlights to draw attention away from those thinner spots.

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