How to Grow a Stubble Beard Like a Pro

How to Grow a Stubble Beard Like a Pro In today’s fast-paced world, there aren’t many men who can afford to spend more than 30 minutes getting ready in the morning, let alone enough time to grow an impressive beard from scratch. If you want to look rugged but not too out of place at the office, stubble is your best option by far. But how do you get the look right? And what about all those fine details — how much maintenance does it require, and how long does it last?

Trimming Your Beard

If you're looking for a way to grow your beard without shaving, then trimming it is the next best thing. To do this you'll need to buy yourself a professional-grade clipper or trimmer. Make sure that the blade on your trimmer is at least 1.5mm - if it's any shorter than that, you might end up accidentally shaving off hair and shortening your beard, instead of just cutting stray hairs. Start by holding the top part of your face and pull it down so that all the hairs are loose, which will make them easier to trim with longer blades and cut more effectively.

Growing Your Stubble Out

While it's all too easy to get an uneven and rough beard with stubble, there are some techniques you can employ to help your facial hair grow in like a pro. Cleanliness is key when growing stubble out-don't forget to trim the neckbeard too! Utilize the small space between your nose and mouth as well by dividing the whiskers near the corners of your mouth into two rows that end just below the jawline. Other than that, make sure you groom it often-if not daily! You'll be surprised how quickly a respectable beard grows if you keep up on grooming.

Maintaining Your Look

Beards, whiskers, whatever you want to call them, they are all good in my opinion. Growing facial hair can take some getting used to and it can be annoying when that itchy feeling kicks in. These are the things you need to know before growing your stubble beard. 

* Get comfortable with the idea of being bearded before growing one out; this way you can decide if it's worth it or not 

* Be patient with yourself as your face grows accustomed to new growth patterns; some people find that their facial hair is thicker near their nose and mouth for example 

* Drink plenty of water: I've never seen an instance where this does anything but help!

Staying Healthy

The stubble beard is one of the most popular types of beards today. Its popularity has even been cemented in society by its prevalence on the faces of celebrities like Nick Offerman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and David Beckham. This look is defined by any patchy area where no hair will grow but the rest of the face is covered in hair that has not reached the level of being scruffy yet. The look was originally made popular by British gentlemen who didn't have time for full beards but still wanted something groomed and respectable. Men with very dark or black facial hair often choose this style because it lightens up their overall appearance and allows them to easily hide any areas where they cannot grow anything substantial.

Deciding on the Style

If you want a stubble beard, there are many different styles that work well. The decision of what style you choose will depend on your personal preference and lifestyle. If you're usually pressed for time in the morning, go with a shorter style so it doesn't take long to get ready in the morning. If having a shorter beard is not your thing, going with something longer will give you more styling options later on.

#1- Short Stubble : This one is for the clean cut type who wants more of an even, rugged look to their facial hair. Keeping it short all over will make for some consistency and uniformity in the shape and length of your beard without taking away from the masculine ruggedness.