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Unlike a few decades ago, when there weren’t all that many home hair styling options for men, hair putty is a modern game changer. Now, it’s never been easier to style your hair and maintain it - professionally and easily. With the advent of alternatives to old-fashioned hair oil, a range of newer, smarter products started taking over barber shops and salons, and now you can use them just as easily in your own bathroom.

Hair putty offers you an advantage over several of the other styling options, like hair gel or hair wax. Hair putty is designed for application on damp hair, without creating a sheen or oily appearance, but its most notable quality is that it tends to plump out the hair strands right from the root – which means a thicker, fuller head of hair that retains its fullness even after a hard day’s exposure to the elements.

Another feature that’s pretty much unique to hair putty is the fact that it doesn’t stiffen or lacquer your hair into place. It remains flexible, and allows for natural hair movement, which is great if you don’t want to look like a store mannequin.

Depending on your hair type and thickness, you may want to experiment a little with the quantity and style of application when it comes to hair putty. Remember, it’s ideally applied to clean, damp hair, so a post-wash application is best. Start out with a small quantity – about the size of a pea – and begin by applying it to the roots of your hair, gently massaging it in and distributing it as evenly as you can. Keep adding successive applications, moving up the hair strands. This not something you just plaster on and hope for the best; a bit of finesse is required, but once you develop a sense of how the texturing putty interacts with your hair, it’ll become quicker and easier each time you apply it.

And, because hair putty isn’t stiff or inflexible, you can even comb your hair during the course of the day without undoing any of your barber-quality handiwork!