Beard and mustache trimmer

Using A Beard Trimmer For Great Results

Whether you’re the kind of guy who prefers a three-day-stubble kind of look, or someone sporting a full-length beard, a good beard and mustache trimmer is an accessory you can’t do without.
Facial hair, unlike the hair on your head, often grows unevenly, and can be a lot more difficult to shape and style. It also doesn’t take long for things to start looking a little patchy, and that where our trimming tools come in real handy. Most experts agree that it’s a lot better to do regular maintenance rather than a once-a-month expedition into the beard jungle, for a number of reasons.
First, it’s simply easier. If your beard has grown to the point where it’s lost its shape, it can be a lot more difficult to regain the look you want. There’s also the added risk of taking off too much or ending up having to trim off parts you don’t want to lose.
Secondly, by doing regular maintenance, you’re training your beard to grow in a specific pattern and direction – and it means you also look and feel a lot better on a daily basis.
Using a beard trimmer is part science, part art. You can use shaping guides to establish the style you want, and then work toward it by trimming the edges and regulating beard length as you go, but there’s more to it than that. With practice, you’ll start to develop the kind of hand and wrist sensitivity that enables you to create subtle contours and changes in thickness, in addition to using the standard detachable combs that come with almost every electric trimmer for men.
You may also want to look at different sizes and models: a larger trimmer is great for bathroom use, while you can fit a smaller, more portable trimmer into your beard maintenance kit for trips and away-from-home use.
When you trim your beard, always make sure that it (ideally) isn’t too wet or too dry. Too wet, and beard hairs stick and clump, while also risking eventual rust on the metal teeth of your beard and mustache trimmer. Too dry, and you have beard hairs that can bend or split as they’re trimmed. The ideal is somewhere in between: slightly damp, preferably lightly oiled.
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