Beard Care

How to care for your beard

Getting your beard to grow is one thing: finding the right beard care products and know-how to make it look really awesome is another.
Most hair care and beard care specialists say the same thing – consistency is key. You need to be prepared to cultivate your beard carefully, patiently, and on a daily basis. The first – and most important – step is cleanliness, as with everything. Keeping your beard clean may seem obvious, but it’s not that simple.
Because facial hair tends to be more brittle than head hair, it’s prone to kinking, splitting, and breaking. That means you can’t just run a bar of soap over your beard and hope for success. A well-formulated beard cleanser or beard shampoo will gently remove dirt while protecting your facial hair from damage. By cleaning impurities from your beard, you also make it easier for beard oil or conditioner to properly penetrate each hair, enhancing its flexibility and promoting better beard growth.
Beard conditioning and oiling are next – the conditioner for flexibility and the oil for shaping and training your beard into the style you want. This is the best beard care habit you can get into, and there’s also an additional unexpected benefit from doing this, because dry beard hair can very quickly start to feel itchy and bristly, and before you know it, you’re thinking about hair removal rather than beard growth.
Regular beard brushing is a must, for several reasons. First, using a beard oil brush to apply oil ensures that each strand of hair is properly coated, and absorbs the protective beard oil. Second, if you don’t use a brush to undo daily tangles caused by wind, sleep, and pulling by jealous rivals, your beard will begin to grow like an untrained hedge. A great beard is an investment in your appearance, and just like financial investments, discipline and direction are the order of the day.
Finally, regular trimming and shaping are necessary, because cultivating the right beard style for your face is the goal here. Good beard care products also include a range of quality clippers and trimmers – enabling you to maintain your best look every day.