Beard Growth

How to help your beard grow

For many men, figuring out how to help beard grow thicker and longer can be a challenge. Part of this may be due to genetics, because the majority of men do not have uniformly distributed, thick facial hair growth.
There are two ways to encourage better hair growth – one is internal and the other is external. First, diet plays a role in the stimulation of hair growth. In particular, Vitamin B and Vitamin D are essential to stimulate hair formation in the follicles on your face. You can either take a Vitamin B supplement, or ensure that your intake of nuts, dairy products, and lean meat is adequate. For Vitamin D, make sure you’re getting fish and eggs in your diet (and of course take a supplement too if you want to).
Now that the nutritional bases are covered, let’s look at the external methods you can use to stimulate hair and beard growth in order to achieve the style you want and – let’s be honest – simply enabling you to achieve your manscaping goals.
First off, there are 3 lifestyle changes to consider (if you haven’t already): quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and getting enough quality sleep. These have all been shown to aid in hair growth stimulation. If you want to grow thicker beard density and healthy beard hair, this is a great place to start.
Feeding your hair and beard with nutrient-rich oils and moisturizers can make a huge difference to your appearance. Apart from the actual nutrient uptake by the beard hairs themselves, a more manageable beard with straighter, uniform hair growth will appear longer and fuller too. Many men tend to overlook the fact that hair is fed by the skin, so by regularly cleansing and applying nutrient-rich beard oils and waxes to your beard, you’re creating the right environment to stimulate great hair growth.
Incidentally, there are two hormones connected with hair growth. One is Testosterone, the ‘male’ hormone responsible for us growing hair on our faces in the first place. You can up your body’s Testosterone production simply by ensuring you’re getting enough protein and exercising regularly. 
The other hormone is Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. 
Stress causes hair loss! So – chill out and make your beard growth strategy a source of pleasure and accomplishment.
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