Beard straightener brush

If your goal is to grow a respectable beard, then a good quality beard straightener brush and a beard comb are pretty much non-negotiable accessories.
Using specialized beard care combs and brushes is far more than just an exercise in vanity, though – it’s a practical way of ensuring that your beard is styled and trained in the best way possible.
Many brushes and combs intended for regular use are not suitable for beard care. They’re often too rigid and are not designed to gently separate and train facial hair. Facial hair is generally thinner, more brittle, and more prone to breakage than the hair on your head, and it requires the right tools and a degree of sensitivity to coax it into the volume and shape you want.
In addition to using a good beard oil or wax, a quality beard brush is a great way to add depth and texture to your beard. By straightening out unruly hairs and training them to grow along the shape of your beard contour, you automatically create the impression of a much fuller, more imposing beard. Artful use of a beard comb or brush also enables you to create curves and shapes that just wouldn’t happen with a quick pat-down or a bit of water.
The other, less obvious, benefit of using a beard brush and comb is that it enables you achieve consistent application of beard oil, wax, or clay to the hair stems and follicles themselves. More thorough coverage means better beard health, the removal of debris, and well-nourished facial skin that is far less likely to be irritated or itchy. 
Both of these items are absolutely essential, for different reasons. A beard comb is the only practical way to undo tangles, gently disengage knots, and manipulate larger clumps of facial hair. A beard brush, on the other hand, is ideal for massaging the skin beneath the beard (stimulating better growth), as well as lifting the hairs away from the skin and adding fullness and volume to your beard.
Both of these, used together, are vital tools in your beard care arsenal, and if you’re serious about growing an impressive full-length beard, you can’t do without a beard straightener brush and comb.
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