Beard Styles

The best beard style for you

There are many different types of beards, with a range of styles and shapes to suit every face.
For many men, a beard is a defining characteristic, a highly visible emblem of the image they prefer to cultivate. Choosing a beard style means more than simply picking a shape from a catalogue, though: it’s a good idea to take your facial shape and hair growth patterns into account when deciding to grow a truly impressive beard.
Not all beard styles look good on every facial shape, but a few key factors can make your manscaping mission a success and add a great deal to your appearance. The shape of your head and your hair growth genetics play a major role here, too. The average man has approximately 30,000 hairs on his face – but they aren’t always distributed evenly, and to add to the hair care woes of many, they often don’t grow at an even rate of speed and are not usually as easily styled as the hair on your head.
The solution? Pick a beard style that suits your facial shape, make sure it can be fairly easily maintained (unless you have hours of free time available), and be consistent in the monitoring of hair growth and hair removal on a daily basis.
So which beard and mustache styles suit you best? The guidelines are fairly simple:
·         If your face is square, athletic or chiseled in appearance, go for a short beard focused round the chin, that allows you to show off your jawline.
·         If you’re a little more round-faced, a high beard works well, with angular trimming around the cheekbones to create a narrower, longer facial look.
·         If you’re long-faced, a mustache-focused look works well – so a goatee or round-shaped beard will thicken the jawline for a more rugged look. Hint: stay away from those mutton chops unless you’re Elvis.
Getting advice from a professional barber is not a bad idea, either. Manscaping can be a daunting task without decent hair and beard care counsel from others. Once you’ve chatted to a hair care pro, who deals with different types of beards daily, it’s easier to commit to a style.
Now, let’s get that beard growing!