Face and beard wash

How To Use Beard Shampoos And Conditioners

Using a beard shampoo and conditioner is a must if you want to rock a beard that makes an impression. Nothing says “Alpha Male” like a well-groomed beard, and for many guys, cultivating and caring for their beard can be a bit of a haphazard affair.
The key to success is consistency, knowing what to use, and having a strategy.
 Part of that strategy should involve – at the very least – keeping your beard clean, supple, and healthy. A reputable beard shampoo is an excellent start here, because just relying on that old bar of soap or supermarket shampoo isn’t going to cut it.
Part of the reason for this is that your facial hair is markedly different to the hair on your head: the follicles and hairs are spaced more sparsely, and the hair strands tend to be thinner and more prone to breakage and bending. Also, the skin on your face – especially in the chin and cheekbone region – tends to be drier and more sensitive to irritants.
Many commercial general use shampoos and conditioners can cause dry skin and clogged pores if applied to your face, so it’s imperative that you use a beard shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to protect your facial skin.
When you apply beard shampoo, or any kind of face and beard wash, make sure that your beard is thoroughly wet, so that it can be cleaned well without breaking or damaging individual hairs. Apply a little shampoo to your hand and work it up into a foamy lather before applying it to your beard. This prevents streaking and uneven application, while ensuring that the lighter, foamy mix can be massaged into the hairs and right down to the roots. 
Use the same strategy with conditioner, to ensure that as much of it as possible is absorbed into the hair stems and roots.
One thing to guard against is over-washing your beard. Excessive washing can strip the hairs of essential oils and lead to dry, brittle beard hair that simply breaks or becomes unmanageable. Washing 3 times per week is fine, with more frequent conditioning to keep beard hair supple.
So, invest in a decent beard shampoo and conditioner, start out slowly and gently, and get ready to grow a beard that will become the envy of everyone who sees it.
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