Healthy hair for men

Proper hair care should be an essential part of your daily routine, but all too often, hair for men is a neglected subject. Because we’re guys, and creatures of habit, we tend to do what’s most convenient – a quick shampoo with our daily shower. However, a little know-how goes a long way, and there are better ways to groom and maintain a healthy head of hair.
For example, daily washing isn’t the healthiest option for your hair, and can even lead to reduced hair growth, because frequent washing strips away essential oils and nutrients from your hair and follicles. A better option is to wash your hair, using a mild shampoo, every three to four days, but to use conditioner daily in order to protect hair strands and preserve hair flexibility.
Hair health goes hand in hand with scalp health, and you can enhance both by staying well hydrated, eating sensibly, and reducing exposure to excessive sun or harmful environments. Finding the right hair style for you is a personal choice, and whichever style you choose, specific hair care tips will help you maintain your hair health. For example, short hair should be cut every 3-4 weeks, focusing on shaping excess growth, while longer hair should only be cut every 10-12 weeks, with the emphasis on the removal of split ends to preserve hair health. To cut men’s hair properly is a skill that can be learned – and with the right tools and accessories, you can maintain your hair at home between scheduled barber visits, too. Whether you want to encourage hair growth, or remove excess hair carefully and skilfully, a little knowledge and practice goes a long way.
For optimum hair health, there are other tips too: for example, taking a daily multivitamin, getting scalp massages, and eating more protein, are all good hair health strategies. Also, be wise when you’re manscaping, and avoid damage to your hair. Don’t use a hot hair drier, because heat leads to hair brittleness and breakage. Instead, towel dry, and let nature do the rest, or use a cool drier to style your hair.
Fantastic looking hair for men is a worthwhile goal, and with our range of hair care products and accessories, you can care for your hair in the best possible way.