Hair Growth

Best Hair Growth Tips For Men

When it comes to hair growth, specific products like hair growth oil for men are a great starting point in your quest for thicker, fuller, more lustrous hair. But for your hair growth strategy to really pay off, you need to be aware of some hair growth facts, and to also understand the role that other factors play.
The human body has about 5 million hair follicles at any given time, and about 100,000 of these are on your head. One of the medical facts you need to know is that hair growth can’t be speeded up to any appreciable degree – but it can be optimized by preventing breakage and by paying attention to factors like diet and lifestyle.
Of course, there are also other methods of obtaining a great head of hair, and if your hair is thinning or receding, then a treatment like laser therapy might be what you’re looking for. This technique involves using micro-pulses to stimulate hair follicles and rebuild hair pattern density, and it’s proven highly successful in most cases where it is used early and often. 
What does new hair growth look like? It’s characterized by a feeling of itching or tingling, typically followed by the appearance of fine, translucent hairs that look like peach fuzz. It’s often colorless to start with, and gradually takes on your natural hair color as it thickens.
Alternatively, where pattern baldness has set in and there are not enough follicles to support new hair growth, hair replacement therapy might be the answer. Here, hundreds or thousands of small clumps of hair (along with follicles) are surgically implanted into the skin of the scalp, and these literally ‘take root’ and begin to grow, while often triggering adjacent hair growth too.
Whether you embrace therapies like these, or prefer the natural route, it’s vitally important to support hair growth with a regimen of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Biotin (a B vitamin that is really great for hair growth. It’s also essential to use a good supportive conditioner and protective hair balm – which is really a hair growth oil for men – to achieve the best results.
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