Hair Styles

Hair styling for men

For many people, the prospect of cutting men’s hair at home can feel a bit daunting – but achieving an attractive and easily-maintained hair style is easier than you might think.
There are two key steps here: cutting, and styling. To successfully cut hair yourself, you’ll need a good quality electric hair clipper with the option of several different comb settings. It’s also helpful to have a good pair of proper hair scissors at hand, as well as a smaller trimmer for the hard-to shape areas. Combs and brushes should be suited to the type of hair and the style you want to achieve.
To cut men’s hair, it’s always advisable to start using an electric clipper from the base of the neck, working your way upward toward the top of the head and around the ears. As you progress, you can change the comb size to allow for longer hair growth, and in the case of a thick head of hair or wavy hair, you might choose to leave the top of the head alone altogether, opting instead to do a light scissor trim.
Sensitivity is the key word here – you can always go for more hair removal, but you can’t paste it back on! It’s best to work in layers, steadily removing more hair each time.
When you’re styling your hair, a good range of hair styling products for men is essential. Freshly trimmed hair should be scrupulously clean, so a shampoo and rinse are the first ports of call after a haircut. Always use a nutrient-rich conditioner, so that your hair roots and follicles are well fed before you apply any other products.
Next, you’ll want to style your hair by either training it or fixing it, using gel, mousse, or in the case of really stubborn hair, a styling wax or hair styling clay. Pro tip: if your hair is inclined to be excessively oily, you can also use a salt spray solution to absorb excess oil and achieve a clean look that lasts for hours. 
So, cutting men’s hair at home – and keeping it looking good – is actually a lot easier than you think. Head over to our range of hair styling products and equip yourself to style some great-looking hair!