Manscaping Made Easier

Figuring out the best ways to manscape yourself is not as difficult as you might think – and thanks to the abundance of great products to help you, it’s never been easier.
Of course, manscaping involves far more than just hair removal for men, because proper body grooming also entails skin care and the prevention of irritation due to stubble or ingrown hairs.
For most men, the primary considerations include the removal of back and shoulder hair, removal or shaping of chest hair, and removal or shaping of pubic hair. For those who want something more thorough, a full-body wax or laser hair removal session is an option, too. For selective manscaping, you can attend to most key areas yourself, although you will probably need a bit of help in getting to that hard-to-reach back hair.
Some practical considerations include the speed of hair regrowth: if you shave your chest, for example, be aware that your partner may be hugging what feels like a piece of sandpaper every few days, so waxing or a depilatory cream is usually a preferred option here. If that sounds like too much, then you could also consider using a full-body trimmer (not the same as a beard trimmer) to just shorten your chest hair to a manageable length.
Another frequently asked question involves how to manscape downstairs. Of course, here we’re dealing with some very sensitive areas of the body, and thin skin that can easily be prone to nicks or cuts, so extra care is called for. 
There are some very definite steps to follow:
·         First, ensure that the area you’re working on is scrupulously clean to avoid infection.
·         Use a warm wet cloth to soften hair before you commence shaving or shaping.
·         Apply a shaving gel or moisturizing foam to ensure a smooth razor glide.
·         Trim the area using an electric trimmer, then graduate to using a clean new razor.
·         Shave carefully, pulling loose skin taut and shaving with the grain (in the direction of hair growth) first, before going against the grain.

 And of course, once you’re done, dry thoroughly, apply a layer of protective moisturizer, and if you’re prone to sweating, you may want to apply a little powder later on to prevent heat rash.
The best ways to manscape excess body hair are not complicated, but simply require a little knowledge, practice, and of course, consistency.
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