The Best Beard Products For You

With the renewed interest in beard care and the many sources of information out there, even a simple task, like how to use beard balm, can sometimes be a little confusing.
The good news is that it’s pretty easy to organize your hair care and beard care essentials so that you can maintain a daily grooming and manscaping routine that won’t feel like a burden. As every guy should know, the right tool for the job makes everything easier, so you should start with the basics:
·         A dedicated beard comb or beard brush to train those wayward whiskers.
·         A pair of sharp trimming scissors that you can use for shaping contours and clipping off the odd wayward hair that won’t cooperate. 
·         An electric beard trimmer to ensure uniform length and crisp beard edges.
·         A good quality beard shampoo that is slightly gentler than regular shampoo.
·         Beard oil for post-wash moisturizing and everyday maintenance.
·         A beard wax for shaping and training your magnificent facial hair.
·         A beard balm for a lighter, non-waxy shaping option.
One of the most common mistakes guys make when they’re starting out is to try cut or style their facial hair too soon. Remember, hair grows at a very consistent (and sometimes frustratingly slow!) rate, and if you’re a beard newbie, you should just let everything grow out for the first 4-6 weeks before getting too technical. Yes, it will feel a bit messy and might itch at first, but you’re creating a base from which you’ll be producing a masterpiece.  
Once you’ve achieved a good base of beard growth, you’ll want to know how to straighten your beard and neaten it. The key here is repetition and patience – you can use a very low-heat tong style hair straightener, along with a nourishing conditioner, to repeatedly ease out the craziness and get your beard on the path to greatness. A good test is to check the dryness of your beard throughout the day, and if it’s too dry, keep applying beard balm in small quantities. 
So, you may ask, why does my beard itch? The answer lies in facial skincare, which is equally important. A good vitamin-enriched conditioner or skin lotion will keep your underlying skin hydrated and less prone to irritation, so add that to your must-have list and you’re good to go!
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