The Best Hair Care Products For Men

From ‘how often should men wash their hair’ to ‘how often should I get a haircut’, there’s a lot of attention being given to the topic of good hair care for guys. Your granddad might have gotten by on a bar of laundry soap, but he didn’t have the advantages you have, like pro advice and online shopping.
It's a good idea to take a holistic approach to hair care – which means that there’s more to it than just an occasional haircut and some spare shampoo. Your age, genetics, and environment each influence the health of your hair, and so it’s a good idea to consider nutrition, sleep, and hair type when you’re looking at the best ways to maintain a really enviable head of hair.
Haircuts and hair styling can be done by a professional – but you can also do a pretty good job, too. The best advice we can give you is to have a haircut at a barber or salon every 5-6 weeks but do some maintenance yourself in between cuts.
A good set of hair trimmers is absolutely essential for this, as well as a quality selection of combs and brushes to keep things in good order. You’ll also want to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner – perhaps something a little more nutrient-dense than the typical product off of a store shelf. If your hair is thinner, less dense, or you see signs of receding hair, then a good hair mousse or balm will help stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. 
When researching how to add volume to hair men often make the mistake of focusing only on external products without examining their diet or lifestyle. Needless to say, the healthier your habits – yes, that means diet and working out – the higher your testosterone levels will be, which will directly stimulate greater hair growth and density. 
Supplements can also be very helpful, so make sure you’re getting enough zinc, Vitamin B, and especially Biotin (a Vitamin B element that’s particularly useful for stimulating hair growth).
How often should men wash their hair, then? The answer to that one is – every 3-4 days. Washing too frequently is like cutting too frequently, and the last thing you want to do is to needlessly dry your hair out or inadvertently damage it.
If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our range of quality hair care products – and get ready to up your game!