Rick & Morty Mr. Meeseeks Wooden Beard Comb

Rick & Morty Mr. Meeseeks Wooden Beard Comb

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Get Rid Of Unwanted Flyaways

Groom like Mr. Meeseeks! Introducing our new lightweight premium wooden beard comb made from premium rosewood with a gloss additive coating so it can withstand everyday use. Plus it's easier on your beard!

Constructed Of Premium Rose Wood - Our combs are constructed out of natural rosewood which ensures a nice long life span as well as a higher quality combing experience than with other types of wood. - 3 Stage Hand Sanding For Furniture Grade Smoothness: We sand our combs using three different sandpaper grades to ensure a smooth finish - so we can provide a high quality combing experience on even coarse hair! 18 Days On Each Comb - It takes 18 days per comb to finish them off - from sanding to oiling - and the best part is, this final step provides a durable, protective gloss coat for when the comb inevitably needs to go through your hairs time and time again.

Improve Your Beard - Our combs are specially designed for beard grooming so they don't snag on hairs or split ends. And there's no need to spend time every day looking for a lost comb thanks to our built-in leather cord. 

Save Time - A grooming routine shouldn't take hours—it should take minutes. And our combs are engineered so they're easy to use and maintain, without any hassle or frustration. Shop Hassle Free - We want this purchase to be worry free so we offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on all of our combs. You can buy one with confidence knowing we stand behind it 100%.

Engineered Of Premium Rose Wood - Crafted from top quality wood - 3 Stage Hand Sanding For Furniture Grade Smoothness: 5 coats applied every 18 days 

Extremely Durable - gloss additive allows for easy beard combing 

Rick & Morty Design - If you love Rick and Morty as much as we do

Quick Strokes - We've found a way to make quick strokes so less hair is pulled out which leads to less split ends 18 Day 

Hand Sanding Process - It takes 5 coats and 18 days on each comb to get the nice gloss protectant coating which provides an easier stroke through your facial hair 

Structural Integrity - Stress tested so they're not as fragile