Looking for beard growth tips?


A manly beard is something to be envied, and we have the best beard growth tips for you, right here. Increasingly, beards are becoming popular as a style statement – but proper hair and beard care is essential if you want to look your best.
For many guys, beard growth and maintenance can be a challenge, but with the right know-how, along with a range of easy-to-use products and accessories, it’s never been easier to look your best. 
Choosing the right beard shape and style for your features is important, while maintaining your beard should become an easy daily habit that doesn’t cost you too much time or effort. Sporting a manly beard is just part of an overall manscaping strategy which includes nutrition, skin care, hair care, and hair removal where it’s required. Even if you haven’t been blessed with the best beard genetics, you can still achieve decent beard growth, choosing types of beard styles which suit your facial type and accentuate your best features.
For some men, it’s also about keeping beard hair manageable. Facial hair growth can quickly get out of control, and so regular, diligent hair removal is also necessary in order to keep a fast-growing beard neat and presentable.

Our range of beard trimmers, beard oils, cleansers and conditioners, and much more, is designed to suit every need – and every skin and hair type. Getting some professional advice from a hair and beard care specialist is a great start, but regular trimming, shaping, and styling is the key to maintaining a well-groomed appearance. 
Some simple tricks of the trade are also good to know – for example, regular washing is essential, because clean beard hair absorbs the nutrients in beard oil far more effectively and is easier to train and shape. And, although beard oil should be applied with your fingers, you need to use a good beard brush to ensure that it’s evenly distributed and is properly absorbed. Many men also don’t know that facial hair is actually structured differently to the hair on your head - and tends to be drier and more brittle – so getting the right beard growth tips is really important.
Take a look at our range of hair and beard care products – and get the beard you’ve always wanted.