Body hair removal

Best Body Hair Removal Methods

When it comes to body hair men are often not too sure about the best ways to maintain or remove excess hair.
For many, using a razor remains the good old standby – but it has its drawbacks when it comes to certain applications. For example, back hair is difficult to access without some help, and a razor can be a dangerous option around the more, er, tender parts of the body.
Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives. Number one on our list would have to be hair removal cream, simply because it’s so easy to use. For those who travel, or are pressed for time, this is a great option to consider. Take care, though, to follow the usage instructions carefully, and avoid tender skin or do a test patch first to ensure there’s no skin irritation.
Always remember that if you’re going the razor route for your manscaping needs, you should use a separate razor, and prep your skin with moisturizing and lubricating shaving gel before you begin. Wet hair is softer and easier to shave, so it’s advisable to embark on body hair removal when you’re in a bath or shower.
If you’d like to enlist the help of professionals for your manscaping needs, then you may want to consider more comprehensive (but time-consuming) options like electrolysis, laser hair removal, or waxing. These are all one-stop solutions to the question of full body hair removal and range from painless (like laser hair removal) to requiring a level of pain tolerance (waxing). Price also plays a role, so be prepared to fork out (quite) a few more dollars if you choose a high-end option.
The advantage of a precision technique like laser hair removal is that it can be scaled to suit your needs – so you can choose between complete hair removal or just thinning out or shaping key areas according to your preference.
Plucking or threading are also helpful for the finer details of body hair removal but are not generally recommended for large-scale application. 
The most important part of any hair removal regime is proper aftercare for your skin. When removing body hair men often forget this vital step in the process, so make sure you keep your skin well moisturized and protected with a good vitamin cream or nutrient base.
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