Hair Care

How to properly care for your hair

 Men generally can be divided into two camps: those who care for their hair, and use quality men’s hair care products, and men who believe that nature will take care of things. (The second group is easily recognizable for all the wrong reasons.)

So, where to start with proper hair care for men? Grooming is a source of pride, but it also doesn’t have to take hours to do your manscaping. 

First: cleanliness. If you’re washing your hair every day (perhaps as part of your shower routine), it’s probably too much. Excessive washing strips essential oils and trace elements from your hair and leads to a lacklustre look, tired hair, and hair that’s really difficult to style decently. Most experts recommend washing hair around 3 times per week, while using a light conditioner every other time you shower.

If you’re using hair styling products to shape your hair, be careful not to build up too much residue, either. Using a low-density mousse or light styling clay is a good option, but if you’re using hair spray or hair gel – which really creates a lacquered or varnished layer on your hair – you could be depriving your hair of oils and nutrients that are locked out. 

Natural hair products for men are generally safe and less damaging than chemical-heavy alternatives, and easier to remove without causing damage to the hair fibers. It’s also a good idea to tailor your hair care routine to the type of hair you have: someone with dense, thick hair would need to wash and condition a little more than someone with fine or receding hair, for example. Thicker hair is generally easier to style and requires less fixing, while thinner hair might need more support.

Of course, stimulating healthy hair growth is another consideration, and a well-rounded diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep all contribute toward a great-looking head of hair.
More than anything, using the right hair care products is the one factor that separates the men from the boys when it comes to hair growth, proper care, and attractive styling. Good quality men’s hair care products (wax & putty) are the hair industry’s secret weapon, and with just a few tweaks to your routine, you can easily up your game and enjoy fantastic-looking hair that will turn heads.
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