Blue Devil Beard Balm

Blue Devil Beard Balm

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Get Rid of a Itchy or Dry Beard

Smoky spicy beard balm is perfect for a rugged man who's always on the go.

Give your beard a healthy boost - Our beard balm moisturizes both skin and hair to promote natural beard growth for a thick and full appearance.

Support a cleaner beard - Our formula is naturally scented without any heavy chemicals or synthetic fragrances which can irritate sensitive skin or dry out facial hair.

Say goodbye to beard itch - Our beard balm contains moisturizing ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and sunflower oil which protect from scratching dry skin and keep hair smooth.

Smells Great - Blue Devil Beard Balm features a smoky and spicy blend of vetiver, opoponax, amber and cumin - all beautifully balanced to prevent irritation on skin or beard.

Bearded Gentleman Status - Our lightweight formula is perfect for both short and long beards as it provides a subtle hold without stiffness or build up.

Get Noticed - With a clean blend of premium beeswax, organic sunflower oil and shea butter blend, Blue Devil Beard Balm will give your beard a healthy shine.

Colorful - A blend of natural oils make our beard balm a versatile tool that can go from clear gloss to heavily pigmented hair conditioner.

3 Step - Smoky Blend: Smoky and spicy blend with vetiver, opoponax, amber and cumin

Tame Flyaways - With beeswax and shea butter our balm helps tame flyaways with a smooth finish

Experience a pure calming scent - The fragrance will automatically transport you back to a time when life was simpler.

It's natural - We only use ingredients sourced from nature or sustainable farmed beeswax so you can be sure it's not just good on your beard but also on Mother Earth.