Buck Ridge Anarchy Premium Beard Oil

Buck Ridge Anarchy Premium Beard Oil

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Why You Should Grow a Beard Now

Say goodbye to beardruff. Say hello to a trimmed, softened beard. Say hello to Lord of Misrule Lush scent. Say hello to Buck Ridge Anarchy Premium Beard Oil!

Softens beard - This oil will soften the hairs on your beard so it is easier to comb through

Helps stop itchy beard - Allowing a beard oil to soak in can make all the difference for someone who suffers from a dry itchy beard

Stops 'beardruff' - You'll be able to see an improvement from when you started using this product - Smells great! The scent is a blend of Lord of Misrule from Lush

Promotes Growth - Don't cut off all your hair when a hair cut is called for - let it grow out naturally! We've seen some pretty great 'staches come from this

Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs - Helps prevent ingrown hairs

All Day Protection - All day protection against rain or snow

Satisfies All Beard Needs - Our oils are a fantastic addition to any beard care routine! They hydrate, soften, and protect against itchy skin and beardruff (dandruff from your beard).

High Quality And Very Pleasant Scent - All of our beard oils are scented with natural essential oils like Patchouli Oil, Vanilla Oil, and Black Pepper Oil for a light but masculine scent experience.

Great For All Skin Types - We use natural ingredients like Abyssinian Oil, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to keep both your skin and beard well nourished while also preventing ingrown hairs.