Buck Ridge Cedar and Sage Beard Wash

Buck Ridge Cedar and Sage Beard Wash

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Take Control of Your Beard

Have a beard? Here's what you need! Buck Ridge Cedar and Sage Beard Wash will keep your beard healthy, soft, and smelling great.

Treats Beard - Our beard wash delivers a gentle clean leaving skin feeling pampered, clean and lightly moisturized.

Soothing - It has a refreshing, soothing sensory experience.

Gentle - It's sulfate free providing an eco-friendly shampoo.

Renew Hair Growth - This beard wash is sulfate free providing an eco-friendly and gentle shampoo that is entirely plant based. It will keep beard hair looking stronger and less frizzy as well as improving hair growth.

Strengthen Beard - This beard wash is great at strengthening beard hair while also preventing beard dandruff. It will moisturize while improving hair growth which will decrease shedding and itchiness around beard lines.

Restore Moisture Balance - This beard wash provides a soothing sensory experience which will leave skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed without feeling dry or dry like some other beard washes can do.

Our 100% Natural Formula - We use high quality ingredients from all over the world so you can feel confident knowing what's in our beard wash. Our natural ingredients include: Organic sage leaf, organic horsetail, organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic ginseng root, oat extract, organic lemon peel extract and organic aloe vera leaf extract.

Gentle on Skin - Our formula is sulfate free and does not contain any parabens or harsh chemicals so it won't dry out your skin or beard!

Contains Vitamins and Plant Extracts - Buck Ridge Cedar and Sage Beard Wash contains vitamins and plant extracts that will treat your beard and skin just right.

Sulfate Free - Sulfates are harsh detergents which can dry out and damage hair which are unnecessary when using a beard wash since a beard wash is an extra gentle cleanser.

Mild - A beard wash is formulated to be mild but still lather enough to clean hair.

Eco Friendly - Our beard wash is sulfate free providing an eco-friendly shampoo which is entirely plant based.