No.13 Beard Set

No.13 Beard Set

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How to Get the Perfect Beard Set for Your Face

One of the hardest things about growing out your beard is making sure it looks good at every stage of its development. And, while different beard styles look better with different facial hair lengths, there’s an accessory that can help you throughout the whole process: a beard set. If you’re wondering how to get the perfect beard set for your face, let us show you what’s right for you below!

No.13's mission

At No.13, we're all about showing love and appreciation for people. Our company is a true family business. From face scrubs to beard oil kits, we have it all! We pride ourselves on creating products that are high-quality. We believe in taking care of your skin from the inside out, so every product has a natural active ingredient like green tea extract or apple cider vinegar that's proven to be healthy and beneficial. 

The No.13 beard set

If you're looking for the perfect beard set, then this may be a great find. The No.13 Kit includes one-ounce of natural and organic beard oil and a two-ounce jar of beard balm. This particular kit is designed to keep your mane both soft and looking great at all times no matter what the occasion. 

Why choose No.13

Whether you want to grow a full, dense beard or keep a trimmed, professional look, No.13 will make it easier than ever with this new set. The grooming beard kit offers two different products for you to use- Beard Oil and Balm. It's designed with seven different beards in mind so that you can find the perfect fit and better groom your facial hair. 

No.13 takes great pride in their oils, balms, and other products, and it's no wonder why- all are made of high quality ingredients and works for any beard