Rocky's Pick -  Beard Oil

Rocky's Pick - Beard Oil

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Rocky's Pick Beard Oil: A luxurious blend of spices and botanicals that will make you smell irresistible!

When we started Rocky's Pick, we knew our beard oil was going to be special. We knew it had to capture the imagination of bearded men everywhere and allow them to express their own personality through the scents they choose to wear in their facial hair. And that’s why our beard oil has such an inventive fragrance blend, with ingredients like clove and black licorice, so you can be sure you’re wearing the very best beard oil money can buy!

Introducing Rocky's pick

There are a number of reasons why Rocky's Pick beard oil is great for your beard. The most obvious is the scent, which is by far the best part. It starts with a warm clove aroma, but then in the background you'll get a dash of black licorice. The other thing about this product is that it has only high quality ingredients like jojoba oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and avocado oil. All these oils are really healthy for your skin because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that keep skin looking youthful. That’s another benefit of Rocky’s pick--you can use it as an all-natural moisturizer to keep skin healthy and radiant while also adding some delicious fragrance to the mix. 

If you want to get into how much money you can save when using Rocky's pick, we have some good news for you too. It lasts up to six months because we use less oil than what's typically in competitors' products--so not only does it smell better, but you're saving money too!