Brass Knuckles Wooden Beard Comb

Brass Knuckles Wooden Beard Comb

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Treat Yourself To A Beard's Best Friend

Beards deserve a little touch up now and then. Give your beard a little TLC with our handcrafted brass knuckles wooden beard comb. It's a durable comb made from high quality materials.

A Super Smooth Touch - Our rosewood comb has been hand sanded down three times to give it a truly exquisite sheen and unmatched smoothness - thanks to our 18 day process which includes 5 coats of protection.

A Sleek Design - This smart little design is an easy way to keep your facial hair manageable and on point. With a compact 4.81 x 3.81 size, it will conveniently fit in any bag without hassle - without taking up too much space!

A Fine Comb - The slender teeth will glide effortlessly through those pesky tangles without snagging or pulling hair out

Looks great - Even if you're a bearded man or just a guy who enjoys grooming his facial hair, this comb is perfect for making sure your beard looks as groomed as it feels!

It's versatile - This comb is small enough to take with you just about anywhere, but big enough to handle any task no matter how coarse or fine!

100% natural wood - No vinyl combs here! This is a 100% natural wood beard comb that has a high gloss finish.

Beard Growth - Beard gains are real. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. A beard comb can make all the difference for your beard.

Unique Comb - This handcrafted comb is crafted from premium rosewood. It’s the only brass knuckles beard comb on the market.

Gloss Finish - The rosewood finish is highly glossed to give it a smooth feel. The comb will glide through your beard with ease.

Beard Maintenance Made Easy - Now you don’t have to worry about having a bad hair day. We got you covered.

No More Tangles - Your face is your new canvas. Make sure it’s ready for the world to see with our handcrafted wooden beard comb.

Say Goodbye To Split Ends - Our wooden beard comb will give your facial hair the smoothness and uniformity that you’ve always wanted.